ADHD & The Papers

It’s Official, written October 21, 2010

Its official. Wild Thing has been diagnosed. “ADHD (Severe Combined-Type ADHD) with possibility of Aspergers Disorder and/or Tic Disorder.”  There are pages of info here. Involved in that is a recommendation Adam be re-evaluated for Aspergers when he is a little older, for example six or seven years old.  At that time there are many, many more tests for ADHD and other disorders, such as Aspergers, as well as IQ and other things that all comprehensively can help with a better and more clear diagnosis.

I knew the diagnosis was coming.  I knew it would happen. In fact, I wanted it to happen because I knew it was true, that Wild Thing has ADHD and I also knew diagnosing it would give it weight.  Weight that would help others understand him, that would get him extra help in school and give us a pathway to follow for help for us, the other kids and the future of dealing with what comes for WT.  I sought out this diagnosis.  I took my child to therapy and had him evaluated and assisted and advised. 
And yet, I carried that official document home that declares my child special needs and I felt the weight of it.  It was heavy in my hand, heavy on my shoulders, heavy in my chest.  I will not deny I do feel some relief.  I am now not the only one responsible here, I am now not the only one carrying this. 
I knew. But the understanding that my evaluation was correct and backed up by a professional made it REAL.
 I know that reality is going to benefit Wild Thing because it is the true reality.  For that reason, I will be glad to take it to school and request the necessary IEP meeting asap and we will continue on from here…find a therapist that can take us the next steps of treatments and begin being open to family therapy for the future.  A million things can happen now that will lead us into a better position for Wild Thing.  For that reason, I will be glad.

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