The Psych Doc

“Wild Thing Sees a Therapist. Again.”
written Sept 3, 2010

Thankfully, we already had an appointment scheduled to see The Psych Doc…and that happened to fall the day after Wild Thing choked a kid at school.
And why, OH GOD WHY, does he act perfect at The Psych Doc’s office? Can someone explain this to me, please? He followed every direction. I mean EVERY direction given to him. Immediately. He played nicely in the floor. He kicked no one. Didn’t throw any fits. Didn’t ask repeatedly for the same thing. Didn’t chant or spit or cry hysterically. In fact, I shared about his obsession with Toy Story 3…which he did not mention one time our entire hour there. And not 2 minutes into the car on the way home, he had kicked the seat 14 times and talked of nothing but Toy Story 3. 3. 3. Toy Story 3 [interject screaming…spit…scream] Toy Story 3!” Are you kidding me? He was literally perfect in that tiny closet-like room. A dream. I so enjoyed our hour at the psych office- I enjoyed THAT kid. I must seem much like a liar though because he ISN’T like this at home or school!!! I swear! I mean, just read the teacher’s notes!!! Or the parent that probably wants to lock up my four year old right now!!! I’m not making it up! I’m so not kidding that he even wouldn’t demonstrate his screams when the doctor asked him to. (In case you haven’t read older posts or I’ve forgotten to mention, Wild Thing does this random, we’re-not-sure-why screaming through the day, both at home and at school. They are short-blasted screams, not in fear or anger. Maybe in over-stimulation? Maybe because there are too many things going on in his brain at once? Don’t know.)
The Psych Doc is super nice. I like him. He is probably a great father and a nice husband and I could almost guarantee that he is great therapist for couples, and surely guys. He has confessed he doesn’t work with kids under 6, but wants to see The Wild Thing twice more. He also had me fill out and mail in several evaluations we were supposed to go over and he had not even opened the envelope yet. (Interject my feelings here: Are you kidding me? Do you know what it took for me to get here today, finding childcare for two toddlers around naptime and bringing the baby and driving 40 minutes here and then back again? With dinner plans and going to the grocery and doing school pick up and cleaning house all day for said dinner plans. Ahhhh! Oh right, this isn’t about me. Crap!) He played some games with Wild Thing and then gave a short synopsis saying he was quite sure Adam has ADHD and maybe Aspergers. More to come.

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