Goodbye, ADHD, hello tiny chewable pill

April 12, 2011.

Firstly I should tell you that thusfar, my golden ticket has truly proved golden. I cannot even explain how excited I was to trade in that paper for a bottle of pills. Thrilled. Like Christmas. Then when I actually had them in my hand, I was afraid. Afraid it wouldn’t work, indicating a worse condition than ADHD. Afraid it would have negative side effects. Afraid. Afraid. Afraid. When will I let go of my fears?
Wild Thing is taking the medicine and it is successful. One of the strangest thing is medically unexplainable via any of my information: When Wild Thing is “wild” his pupils are huge. They don’t dilate, they are just large. Sometimes so large his eyes simply look black. About 45 minutes after his tiny chewable pill, his eyes are normal, and they are blue again. Its amazing. His behavior is still sometimes erratic, and partly I think he will have to re-learn how to behave in some ways since he is used to following his impulses. But his ability to focus and concentrate is present and that was sorely missing before. His teacher has told me every day that she is seeing great improvement with the medicine and she can tell it is helping. At home yesterday, he played in his room for one hour straight. This is awesome.
He has told us twice that his eyes feel weird- and the medicine can cause blurry vision. We are on the look-out for this complaint as we aren’t sure if that is what is happening or if he sees/feels differently on the meds or even if the dilation is making a difference. He sees the doctor again next week as a follow-up to the medication. I’ll keep you posted.

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