I have the Golden Ticket!

written March 29, 2011.

As long as I can remember we have been researching and talking about ADHD. I think Wild Thing was not much older than two years old the first time someone asked us if he had it, suggested it. He was three when the first of the preschool teachers told me they thought we should really consider it as a possibility. Family, friends, the ENT, teachers, doctors have all mentioned it. Of course, we agreed. He went to therapy of course for about four months, did some testing there. These are things you know.
Today, I was finally able to gather all that information: notes from the teacher, Wild Thing’s report cards, his IEP for speech, his test results, and his diagnosis from the therapist…and take it to the pediatrician. And in return, I was given The Golden Ticket: Wild Thing can start trying medication.
Honestly, I’m thrilled. I was elated.
With that little piece of paper, I was given the hope that I can have a back-and-forth conversation with my five year old like I have with my two year olds. Hope that I can pick him up from school and the report be: WT had a GREAT day today. Hope that the current speech plateau will be gone, swiftly, and he will begin to speak on a five year old level instead of a three. Hope that he will be able to make friends and keep friends because they will be able to understand him (and because he can for once stop the constant touching that they hate so much). Hope that we can have a day, an hour, heck, a meal where he doesn’t get fussed at for standing in his chair or putting his hands all over his brother’s head or sticking big kid toys in his mouth or screaming for no reason that can be found. Hope. Hope!
I have The Golden Ticket. And I can’t wait to try it out.

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