We’ll Call This One….How To Keep The Playroom Clean

A much-discussed topic among moms: how do we get our kids to pick up their toys?

In my case, I started Adam early and he could clean a room even at 2….at least when things didnt have to be organized oh so well.
I confess to my OCD tendencies in this regard: our old house/playroom had built-ins across an entire wall and I had boxes labeled for every kind of toy all lined up. The nicest thing about it? No kid could reach any of it without asking. That made clean-this-up-before-you-get-the-next-thing-out lesson so (way too) easy.

Unfortunately, baby Sethie is a dumper. You know what I mean: the kid who walks over to a bucket of toys and instead of looking through them he just turns the whole thing up. Sheesh, that’s the worst.

Some days I don’t want to be frustrated so I just clean it myself. Which is what I did last night- a real clean with sweeping and mopping and vaccuming and perfectly placed toys. And I really didn’t want that ruined today. (Just one day of clean! Please!)

How to keep the playroom clean: PLAY OUTSIDE!!!!!

Clean playroom because this is what we did all day:






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