Dressers Galore

About four months ago we had one chest of drawers between all six of us. Seth and Noah shared it. Adam and Lily lived out of sweater holder hangers and kid hanger clothes organizers and Greg and I used a lot of plastic drawers and laundry baskets.
So I put up a post on Facebook about dressers or chest of drawers for sale- I needed at least two. Within hours I’d had two dropped right on my porch (no kidding). See Imperfect Perfection for what I did to Lily’s (white, tall, beautiful) and Adam’s (hot glue, homemade mod podge and fabric). We put one in our room. But we have a lot of pajamas and clothes and it was still hard to share those 6 drawers between us. Then we had another one given to us. (I mean are you getting this- from one dresser to 5 and only bought one- for $30. We have incredible people in our lives.)

So I’ve made his and hers dressers and while they don’t yet have new hardware I’m gonna share these pictures anyway! I’m so excited about them!








I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the bow, but under is it is a design of acorns that I didn’t like and isn’t me. I’ll be thinking of other ways to cover it and please share if you think of one.

And if any of you know someone who does tv shows, I want one called “Make-Ugly-Furniture-Pretty.”

And before you all start saying stuff about how super I am, just know that when im doing projects like this, my house looks like this:

And this


And things like this happen:



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