now my room is lovely

If you are married and have kids you likely relate to our constant bedroom problem: our room is full of junk. Even clean, it has so many things that don’t belong:
Clothes the kids have grown out of? In stacks in our floor.
Decor that doesn’t match a new rug or curtain? On our dresser.
Clothes folded but not put away? In baskets.
Presents to hide? Our closet.
Shoes from all seasons? Again, the closet.
Some of you probably have the mis-matched picture frames, whatever sheets were clean after so-and-so spilled juice in the bed, the leftover furniture that didn’t make it into someone else’s room and maybe even an exercise machine.

Well. I’m over that.

So, with the remaking of the dressers I decided that we wouldn’t have a room like that anymore. At a marriage conference we went to in 2010 (I think…maybe 2011?) the advice was given to make your room romantic and clean. A cluttered bedroom isn’t going to be hung out in much I guess. Or perhaps it causes stress, distraction. So….if I’m going to work several hours on sanding, painting and shabby-ing dressers then we are going to go on and keep working. A light, cozy gray, white trim (cause thats the only way I like trim) and some new (cheap) bedding from Ikea…and here we go.

Here’s how it went:
Ugly, awful pictures to show how bad the room was
Stoningware Gray Benjamin Moore paint (and actually we use Behr Ultra paint and primer in one for our paint- but use Benjamin Moore colors cause they are just so darn pretty!)
Natural Burlap
Cheap, kind of ugly and what I like to call “old lady lace” on the windows
Lace, stitched ribbon, ruffles and pearls sewn into the burlap
Chalkboard paint where a border used to be (the border was framed with wood and we decided to leave that- and debated for weeks about what to do in the wooden border section. Chalkboard paint won out. If you’ve seen my Pinterest I know you aren’t surprised)
Pictures to remind us why we love each other, raise a family together and work through the hard days: pictures: engagement, wedding and our latest anniversary (7 years)
Remade painting “Where You Stay I Will Stay” from our wedding vows (Ruth) painted over my first-ever oil painting that I painted the year we got married
Remade dressers (still without pulls or handles…I will find the perfect ones soon I hope)
New Ikea lamp
Bedskirt: I didn’t want to pay $80 for a bedskirt- thats crazy! So I used scraps left over of the old lady lace and sewed it straight to the box spring. I also found some knit ruffles that up close or made into clothes would be awful but it was $6 for the ENTIRE thing and I sewed it right onto the box spring as well. Cheap and easy and sweet.
New-to-me bedside table gifted to me by a friend who I helped do a little project
My wicker trunk (now holding the hidden presents) under the window and topped by the gorgeous quilt my mom made me years ago
Dark gray floral on white duvet cover and pillowcases from Ikea (this price will kill you: $20)


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