This is about the bathroom

But I’m a lady so it’s not gross or anything.

Actually I have so many other things to say that I decided to say none of them and show you my newly spruced up bathroom instead.

The bathroom had wallpaper which you know I don’t love. But otherwise it wasn’t bad. The floor tile wasn’t my taste and it made the wall tile look old (pink) but I mostly didn’t like it because it was split in a few places. After Not-The-Mama fixed up the issue under the toilet I set to work retiling it.

Now here’s the deal. It’s peel and stick tile but with real grout so it looks real. I tiled the upstairs bath right when we had moved in (it had had carpet and ewwww) and by the time I began Tiling downstairs in the main bathroom the tile I had purchased was discontinued and I had only finished half the room.
Worst news ever.
I had to decide: do I pull all this up and start over later or do I wait?
Well. I waited.
And it paid off. Because an almost identical but much cheaper by the piece tile just came out at my Home Depot and so, voila! Finished bathroom.
I’m not a handyman and even with spacers it’s not perfect. But it looks pretty darn good.

Wanna see?




Details? Used the same Benjamin Moore color as the living room (in behrs paint and primer ultra) because we had it left over. And pink and gray are in. And lovely. Covered an old roman shade with new fabric, no sew, in a pretty little white cotton with tiny gray flowers. The cute sign came from kohls and was free (you know those $10 off $10 things they send you in the mail? Don’t pass them up!) and that’s that! Oh I also removed the closet door and added a damask curtain. And we are hoping to turn this tub into a shower one day soon!

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