kiss the cook

Well we are almost through January and I’ve yet to blog about any one thing.  The truth is there have been several (perhaps the word here is ‘many’) days I’ve wished to post a blog for and my thoughts are too full to commit properly to the “paper.”

So, for today, I’ll save my thoughts and show you my kitchen.

The kitchen was the last main room of the house that we’d yet to paint. When we moved into our beloved house on December 24, 2011, I vowed to finish painting every room by December 24, 2012.  I missed that by only a few weeks and I am okay with that.  We’ve not painted the laundry room or the non-working bathroom upstairs and the hallway isn’t painted yet (but will be soon for I have plans) but now that the kitchen is completely painted I feel I can say we are done.  (At least with any major room projects.) And it’s a good feeling.

On and on I go and all you really want is to see a picture.  Keep in mind we have not yet tiled the backsplash which I do plan to do sometime this year and I am still in the process of painting the handles for the cabinets so they have none in these pictures.  Still, this will give you a good sense of the thing.

So here’s my “kitchen things”….my little knick-y, knack-y things that I keep in my kitchen and are mostly all purple and pink and that sweet little teal….and they haven’t matched anything for this long while:Image

Here is the cabinet that is built onto the wall…that I love…and decided to use as a place to add some prints (damask, of course, my favorite) and some color. The dark pink color is actually a part of our counter. I didn’t anticipate being able to pull that color in but when I saw the scrapbook paper in that color I knew it would work. Oh yes, these prints are simply scrapbook paper I already had and I used my homemade mod podge (thank you, Pinterest) to stick it to the wall. Some of it still wet in this picture but now that it’s all dry it has no visible seams.  It also is covered by bananas and a coffee press and multiple other kitchen-y things:Image

Here is a great Before and After….the kitchen proved to be the most complicated of all our wallpaper removal adventures.  There are six layers I could count and who knows how old some of them were?  It was the only room we could not remove the wallpaper to paint: far too many layers and too much long-stuck-on glue in between them.  In the dining room we hung textured (and damask, of course) wallpaper over the wallpaper because there were too many seams in there to make it worth removing the top.  But the kitchen was impossible; a long room it isn’t one with just tons of wall space…so we opted to paint it.  Here in this picture you can see a couple of the layers of wallpaper, both old and a bit drab in color, making the strangely shaped room seem much darker than it is.  After, you can see how lovely the color turned out to be and how light it makes the room by comparison.  Image

This picture doesn’t do justice to the cabinets: they are ultra white…which I love…but I posted it because I love my little “whats for dinner tonight” chalkboard under the hood and it shows all my before-nothing-coordinated-with-us-kitchen-y things now beautifully matching to the walls and making the room seamless. ImageImage

The best of the pictures: the room from three corners. (See the dark pink I mentioned before in the counter?)

The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Rock Harbor Violet.

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