Wicked; have you read it?

I traded some books a while back.

Mr. Kay’s is semi-local and very large and a great place to buy, sell and trade books. I traded some books, using my trade credit to get a couple of my favorite books in paperback (ones I also have on Kindle but longed for the set to see the spines on my shelf) and a couple books I haven’t yet read. As a rule I tend not to buy novels I haven’t before read either by borrowing or at least sampling. There are just so. many. BAD. books. It’s a bit overwhelming to be honest. (Really this is one reason I love the library so much. There I can freely judge a book by its cover (the older and more handled the better or if its brand new- judge it by the actual cover- and leave off 6 sentences in if its that bad- and never feel any guilt about doing so.)

Anyway, I traded for a couple books I haven’t yet read. One was a sequel to one of my all-time favorites. Same authors are oftentimes an exception to my no-money-spent-if-the-book-might-suck rule. And the other was Wicked. Yes, Wicked as in the book that was the bases for the Broadway musical of the same name.
I’ve had this books for months. Just staring at me. It just wasn’t the right time, ya know. But now it is. I have begun. I’m sure I’ll let you know how that goes.

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