“I will never”

Have you ever said “Well, I will never__________”? Surely you have. Most of us have.
I’ll tell you what, I’m starting to think I will never begin another sentence with “I will never….” because the season of our lives we are entering could be categorized exactly this way: That time God shook all my nevers into reality. I will never go to this kind of church. I will never homeschool. I will never consider this…that…the other. I will never, I will never, I will never.

I’m starting to be a bit afraid to presume anything I may never do.

I need to learn, once and for all, that I don’t know everything about everything and I don’t have all the plans all figured out. Why do I start to think that I do? It is foolishness.

And that foolishness leads me even to this this: what is the hurry? What is it that catches me up in thinking all things must be done now? That all my goals and dreams must be fulfilled tomorrow, this year, next year, yesterday? What is it in all of us that has us thinking we must have life figured out already? I don’t have life figured out already. Some times I have some thing figured out. And then something changes it.
Where will you be in one year? In five? Guess what? You might not know. I might not know either.  Just live.

Just. Live.

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