Get. A. Life.

I probably should make a rule about blogging when I’m this frustrated at humans. But tonight I just don’t care, darn it.

I am in a twilight zone today:
My Facebook is alite with posts that say gays shouldn’t be allowed a place at a table in restaurants of Christians…that obese women are all so lazy some man can’t even believe they do even one hour of vigorous exercise a year….that all “foreigners” should be forced to leave America….how poor people should be ignored by the government…And I’m thinking, I know these people? What am I doing? I mean, oh my gracious. What year am I in? What is happening on Facebook? And why don’t all these people have too much to do to worry about this??

Let’s set aside beliefs about these issuse for a moment and focus on time. I don’t know about you, friends-who-read-my-blog but I’m too busy for this nonsense. I have four children who need nurturing and instructing, who need to be taught how to be loving people who are others-oriented and Christ-centered. I have four children who are learning at home and I’m their teacher (eek!). I have a new puppy. I have books to read (a big ole’ stack of them) about parenting, marriage, Jesus, history, not to mention a few novels. I have friends to meet for coffee and thank you cards to send. I have tv shows to watch! I am a day behind on the podcasts I’m trying to get through! I have phone dates and skype dates to set. I have birthday parties to plan, gifts to buy, meals to cook. I have grocery shopping to do and notes to write. I have things I need to get around to cleaning out and cleaning up and laundry to fold. I have people in my life who have lost a loved one today, who are suffering from CANCER, folks (and surely you do too) and people who are in my community who don’t even have socks or a home I could be helping. (I have a new hangup about buying socks for the homeless- you should, too- another post for another day.) I have thoughts to think and journals to write and encouragment to give and hugs to share and….I made a cast of a mummy today with my kids for heaven’s sake!! I’m busy. In all the things I want to be busy in, in good things, I’m busy.
And so should you be. Busy. In good things. In life things. And if you have enough time to sit around and “share” or post things on your facebook that hurt, demoralize, judge or are in any way mean or racist or prejudice or discriminiatory then you know what? YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME.

Now. With all your extra time, I see your goal. Make yourself feel big. So, you are acting like a 6th grade girl who is insecure and prideful at once, who can’t focus on her life so she looks to the lives of others to put them down in order to put herself up. You are acting like someone who has so little compassion, they can’t even remember that others are hurting for their own boredom.
Get a life.
Thats what I say to you: Get a life.


Quit worrying about whether someone’s love is the right gender, quit worrying about what color someone’s skin is, how much they weigh, or what church they do or don’t go to. Just quit.

You loud Christians who are demanding your ‘right’ to deny rights to others: You are pushing people away from Jesus. You are telling them that Jesus hates and judges and that grace isn’t real.  You don’t actually have to support homosexuality to see that this treatment of anyone is NOT acceptable.  You are asking for a right to be removed from another group of people and you aren’t going to like it when that table is flipped on you…when it is then Christians who are being denied rights, you will be angry. You will cry persecution. You will claim the unbelievers are crucifying your Christ again. It’s funny, your Christ doesn’t sound at all like mine, He who hung out with liars and thiefs and prostitutes and loved them deeply. You who claim to be like the lowly He spent time with are actually the new Pharisees. Don’t you see that? It’s you who are crucifying Him again with your hate talk and grappling. Just quit.

You who make comments and jokes about blowing up countries and kicking out all those who aren’t white….We are America: your family isn’t from here either.
You who make comments about ignoring the poor…is that truly what you want? To be one of those countries with the sad commercials shown elsewhere about sponsering kids for $7 a month so they can have shoes and medication?  Stop the government from taking care of people so we can all be…what? Self-sufficent? Have you ever actually read how very little of your taxes are used to help the poor? Do some research! Think about if it were you who lost a job, lost the breadwinner, lost your home. Just try a little tiny bit of kindness.
You who are judging people’s weight on facebook. I mean, honestly, did I just have to write this? If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it’s on facebook.  Wait. I should make that bold right? If you would not saying something ugly to someone’s actual face, don’t say it on facebook.

Here are some ideas to help you fill up your hate-filled time with better things:
join a club, read a book, call your grandma, journal your thoughts (and then don’t share them on facebook), paint your bedroom or kitchen or both, write a kids’ book, learn to sew, find an old friend, make a mixed cd, paint on a canvas, take someone’s dog for a walk, sing a song, buy socks for the homeless, try out a new recipe, pet a horse, take a bubble bath, play a board game, peruse an antique store, ask a kid what they think being nice means, copy your favorite Scriptures, quotes or song lyrics, kiss someone, write a note to someone who is grieving, pray for someone, eat strawberries or chocolate or both, visit a museum, sit outside in a rocking chair (if it’s cold take hot tea and a blanket), play with Legos, or color in a coloring book with crayons.
Remember to find joy in things.

Remember that our greatest commandments are to love God, and love others. Live out of that.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Deidre says:

    The thing is, most people do not actually live their lives in the way that they behave on facebook. The person who ridicules would not have the guts to do it to someone’s face, as it should be. You should feel cowardly when you want to call someone out for being different. Christ spent his days among the very people “christrians” shield themselves from. Christ gave his time, energy and love to those same people “christians” want removed and hidden from society. But this is not all Christians. Some truly feel the love of Jesus and want to share it…with everyone. Not just those that fit in their hypocritical little box. Some are truly Christ like. So let’s don’t start bashing Christians, then we would be no different.

    1. Oh I am a Christian. I prefer Christ-follower. So I speak as a fellow not an enemy.

  2. Deidre says:

    Then we are of like minds. Glad to find your blog!

    1. Yours too!! It is lovely!

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