Adam turns 8!

My sweet oldest turned eight years old today. Eight. Years. Old.

Eight is THAT age, you know. Where we are truly making memories. Where THIS is his childhood.  Where you know all you do, good and bad, is remembered. Where you know they begin to see you in the light in which they may always see you.

What I hope Adam’s light is…is love. Hope. Trust. Thankfulness. Unending care. Faith. But mostly love.

He is my sweet, sweet Adam who was hard-won and battled for. Can he ever know how much he was wanted, how deeply he is loved? I pray he sees that when he looks at us, he knows for certain how much we love him and that his childhood is emersed in that for all time.

We adore this kid.

He is kind. He loves deeply. He gives generously. He is passionate about the things he loves.
And what else could a mother ask for?


So we had a little party.  Minecraft is the thing for Adam this year.
And, well, there are no Minecraft-created decorations or products.  So to Pinterest I went (of course) and here is how we partied….

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