Swinging from the Vines

So far this year we have partied three times. We have had a tea party, a minecraft blast and now, a rainforest celebration!!

Seth turned 4.

It’s so cliche and overdone to say it but I cannot believe Seth has turned four. My youngest, my baby is now four years old. Riding in a booster seat.

He is such a great boy, too. He is fun, talkative, creative and bold. He loves his siblings and is a very perfect (aggrevating) little brother to them. He is happy and, really, jolly. I am so in love with this little kid.  He is fantastic. Just look at that face…. IMG_9905 Out of the blue he asked if he could have a Diego party. It came I believe from our long and in-depth study of habitats and ecosystems in our homeschool science this year. He has only seen Diego a handful of times in his life so we chose the rainforest aspect of Diego. Truthfully Diego doesn’t stick to a ‘real’ rainforest on the show. There are sometimes creatures they cross paths with that wouldn’t actually live there. And many friends tried to assist with suggestions (such as giraffes and elephants)…dudes, those animals do not live in the RAINFOREST.

Anyway, rainforest was a very fun birthday to throw. I hope I get the chance to do more habitat theme parties in the future.

So as usual, here’s a glimpse into our party day….

I’m FOUR!!!!


We made jaguar or tiger masks and played tag based on whatever mask they had chosen to make. Then we played “Lemur, Lemur, Gorilla!” (because geese and ducks do not live in the rainforest). It was a great day.

We are so blessed by this little man.
We are so blessed by this little man.

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