New Sewing Machine

I was taught to sew in my teens. I love it but wasn’t very good. I became easily impatient with projects or mishaps with the sewing machine. Then I was gifted a sewing machine for my high school graduation. It didn’t work well and wasn’t as nice as what I had learned on and I just wasn’t successful with it. Then about 5-6 years ago it broke. And I just haven’t had one since.

I’ve still done several sewing projects (custom curtains, a quilt, minor things like pillows) but I’ve had to borrow.

Then last week I was given a new sewing machine. It is lovely and wonderful. And all these projects I’ve thought to try all this time began forming in my mind again. So the last two days (and much of last night- I’m so tired, y’all) I’ve been sewing like crazy.

First I began a baby quilt. Then my dear friend Lindsey and I decided we could make matching Independence Day dresses for our girls together. While we were picking out fabric for that, we found so many more we wanted to make. We both bought fabric for multiple dresses. After several YouTube videos later, I finally have completed two pillowcase dresses.
It’s. Been. So. Fun.

Here’s a glimpse with more to come:


We bought a pattern for this dress, as you can see below. Unfortunately it included cutting instructions but not sewing instructions and we got stuck quickly. I absolutely could not have made this dress without a tutorial that first time so the credit really goes to JustAddABow on YouTube. Here is a link to her videos. She made this so simple. 

20140528-002322-1402218.jpgI have this idea that I’m going to be a quilter who is always quilting. Like I was taught, I will be doing machine piecing and hand quilting. So there will need to be something in the hoop at all times and in the process of piecing at all times to make this happen. I have a quilt in my hoop now that I’m anxious to finish and this one on deck. My thought is to make many baby and throw quilts and then sell them. More to come about that on another day.


I love this picture because of the hope that comes from cutting and preparing the pieces to become something. Something that is just ‘scraps’ will become beautiful and useful. Something from nothing.


Sweet Lily modeling the first pillowcase dress. It was not nearly as good as the pink one but it was my first. It is still adorable (and needs to be ironed here, haha.) Lily loves it, and that does count!20140528-002327-1407301.jpg


(The poses were all chosen by Lily. The purple mark on her face is a “heart” she drew on her cheek; a few days ago she accidentally did so with a pink marker and was distraught about it. To comfort her, I said it looked like an angels kiss (no clue where I came up with that, y’all). So today I look in the rear-view mirror on the way to speech and she is drawing on her face in the same spot. Oops.)

20140528-093234-34354804.jpgMy view for a couple of days. (Don’t worry the kids ate using the church pew (oh I’ve got to post about that!) and the fold out table. They thought it was fun.

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