A little DIY Update

Well, my dear Sonya noticed I didn’t have a back porch table. She found one someone didn’t want any longer and brought it to town to me. It was a good table just old…you know, chipping paint and raw wood.
A little sandpaper, a couple cans of spray paint, and a new foam brush for my polyurethane and voila…



THEN….I realized I’m sewing enough to need a sewing corner (a sewing corner!!!!) and decided to trade in my big HUGE desk with built in filing and shelves for a smaller desk and a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet we bought from a friend and that took only a little spray paint and a few minutes. This set up maybe doesn’t sound smaller but trust me it’s a huge difference. The corner itself is likely temporary, the floor in our old house is very uneven in several places and unfortunately this is one of them. I may need a new spot. But for now it works…. here’s how it went….

20140702-144530-53130335.jpg(Don’t worry about the white on the outdoor carpet (HATE outdoor carpet btw) because when something gets on it, I just paint it back to black. Tricky.)

The desk was one given to us several years ago. Adam has used it for his desk catch-all for a couple years but recently chose to share a room with his brother and was ready to release it (if not the rock collection, scrap collection and drawer full of what we can only call trash). It had a laminate top like my dining room table had and I have had no issues with that redo. So I did it exactly the same way: my grandfather Clock’s sander, fine sandpaper, primer and paints. I love shabby chic decor and I adore the look of furniture much used so decided to give my new sewing desk not only the look of paint scrapped off but also with several layers underneath.

To do this you sand then prime.
I added a coat of white after my primer using interior paint. Then sanded a couple places to show wood. Then I added colored paints (I went with a green and yellow that match the kids playroom since those rooms flow into each other (and I like them). After letting the colored paint dry, I added some Vaseline to those spots. Sounds crazy, yes I know. Then I spray painted two more coats until the white was even. I don’t often use spray paint but I’m trying to more- it is so much faster and easier.

Using sandpaper I sanded a few more corners and using a rag, wiped away the Vaseline. It’s hard to perfectly control the application of the Vaseline which makes it perfect for shabby corners- they look more genuine that way.

While all those steps were taking place I also painted the old hardware the cute green. I needed two knobs as two were missing and found these at Hobby Lobby. It looks just perfect.


The finished project looks perfect in my little sewing corner.


And the little corner is getting good use already….20140702-145233-53553947.jpgThis is a quilt I began in 2001 during my senior year of high school. I spent a lot of time, a whole lot of money and a lot of frustration cutting and sewing the pinwheels together. I had a good bit of help and I’m proud to say I finished it by myself (and have begun two more in the meantime without the kind of “helpers” who take over…I have one in the hoop and one being pieced just like I wanted). It’s a beautiful quilt and I love that my whimsical tastes of youth fit right in with my kids’ playroom and styles now. It took me many years to finish this throw but it I believe it was all in the right timing afterall.


20140702-145327-53607757.jpgThis picture is a tiny glimpse into my current quilt being pieced. It is a surprise gift for someone and so I won’t show it yet. But let me just say it will be the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever made…the fabrics are glorious. I can’t wait to start making it real.

20140702-145328-53608688.jpgAnother pillowcase dress (shocker)! Lindsey and I decided to make the girls special dresses for Independence Day. We both have always gotten our girls a special dress for the fourth…this year we made our own. So proud and they are SO pretty! Can’t wait to see the girls in them on Friday.

20140702-150124-54084163.jpgOh, the little filing cabinet went from “fine” to cute. 🙂 It fits right in now. (And is actually full of files. I’m so strange I enjoyed all that organization almost as much as painting the sewing table.)


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