Then Noah turned 6!!!

Noah had his first taste of a pool party for his birthday last year. It goes without saying that was, of course, his request for this year as well. He has a long wait, Noah does, for his birthday at the end of July in comparison to the others whose birthdays follow one another swiftly; mid-February, mid-March, end-of-April. He waited and waited for his turn to have gifts and balloons.  He changed his mind about his party theme no less than 12 times.  On his you-must-decided-by-the-end-of-today date in June, he had chosen baseball as his theme!

Noah had his first season of baseball this spring. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Adam had played a few years ago and didn’t like it. It wasn’t so fun to make him go and play. And while he had natural talent, he just didn’t enjoy it. Noah, on the other hand, lived for baseball this spring. He loved his practices, his games, his jersey. He wore his glove around the house and we spent many hours practicing throws and hits in the backyard. I even bought myself and Greg a glove so we could truly play with him.IMG_9489

This was a very exciting time for me, personally, as I love watching baseball. I especially loved watching Noah come into something he really cares about. That it should include Coca-Cola and popcorn and picnic blankets and the sound of the bat hitting the ball and the cheers of the crowd and snowcones, well, it’s that much better.

So the baseball theme seemed truly fitting. Only problem was, there isn’t baseball birthday supplies to be found. There are plenty of plates and banners and decorations that include multiple sports. But none that were just baseball. I’ve been here before, in the planning past, and so I just elected to make things myself.

I decorated the tableclothe with cardboard baseballs, used Noah’s glove and helmet and our collection of balls as decorations. For snacks, I supplied the kids with sunflower seeds (so funny to watch them figure this one out) and crackerjack boxes. Our bakery had no trouble making the cupcakes into balls (so cute.) I couldn’t find baseball wrapping paper so I bought black and white polka dotted paper and drew the laces of the baseball in with a red sharpie.

IMG_4255 IMG_4251 IMG_4327

The guests most enjoyed the pool and it really makes for a fun party for us mothers- the kids just want to SWIM! Several of us moms did get in with them. It was a hot day and they’re so much fun in the water, it makes it hard to resist.

I have a love for blowing-out-candles pictures. Always one of my favorite pictures after the party:
The kids loved the pinata which isn’t something I normally do at our parties but was just too cute to pass up!IMG_4333

Noah had a great day. It’s hard to believe my beautiful boy has already turned 6. To your sixth year, then, my dear one! I love you more than words can say!

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