Babies & A Little Quilt

This month has carried strife. More than expected. This past week was on it’s way to true damage, yet in the midst came blessing. Reminders of goodness, joy, peace, beauty…life.

As Not The Mama and I were some of the firsts in our group to marry and have kids, we have been a bit ahead of some of closest friends. We have been on different pages if you will. While there are times it’s been lonely or frustrating, for the most part,  we haven’t minded. But now this really amazing thing is happening: our kids are growing up and our friends are having kids.

I didn’t know how sweet a time this could be, to watch our friends become moms and dads. I didn’t think at the time how great it is that my kids would be older when these babies would be arriving but it’s that much sweeter to have not held a newborn in years when a friends little one is born. I’m not so tired from rocking my own and I miss the newborn stage just enough to thoroughly enjoy being a helper to those walking through it now. Time is good.

This week, I was able to meet a very dear friend’s handsome baby boy: I am a big fan of Ace and deeply appreciate getting to cuddle that guy for a few hours this week.

Additionally I was blessed this week to get to host a shower for another baby and to give her parents  a pretty little quilt I have been making for many months. This quilt is for a dear one’s daughter, for one of our favorite people in the world who is expecting his first baby with his beautiful wife in just a few weeks. It was the greatest honor to create something for a tiny baby girl I haven’t yet met but already love. I can’t wait to hold her.

The quilt fabrics are from the Emma Grace Collection at Hawthorne Threads. I was insanely impressed with the quality and accuracy of the fabrics. They also arrived in a timely manner. I also will take this moment to confess that I stalk their website weekly in order to daydream about my next project. Their prints are just incredible.

I have to thank the wonderful and lovely Trinity Henley for all her training, help, coaching and kindness. This quilt would not look like this without her.



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