Another Day, Another Project

A little while ago a friend posted something on Facebook about possible church pews that would soon be available for sale. She said to let her know if interested. I did. Her childhood church was beginning a new building project and the old pews were sitting in storage and needed moved asap. Sounds perfect I said.

Then forgot about it.

Then the friend messaged me this past summer. Said the pews would be ready to go soon, did I still want one?

Um, yes.

Do you Pinterest? Gah, I love Pinterest. And I’ve pinned, say, maybe 20 pictures of church pews already. I’m down for whatever in regard to these pews.

And it is fantastic, y’all.

It came with an old cover on the seat.

Underneath was old scraps from another, even older old cover on the seat.

And staples. Oh my the staples.

But look at what came underneath.

I love my pew. (Sigh.)

In our old house the pew was just fine and dandy. But in this beautiful farmhouse, it has a real home. It belongs.



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