Lily learns to SEW!!!

For Christmas, Miss Lily was given a sewing machine by your’s truly. She had been asking and asking for one and I just wasn’t sure she would really use it. However, as time went on, she stayed determined that she wanted this. Badly. She noticed machines at every store, especially the toy machines (which I considered greatly until I learned they do not truly sew- which I knew would frustrate and disappoint her.)
So on Christmas morning she unwrapped this gift with great delight. I can’t say I blame her, it is the cutest little pink sewing machine you’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s name is Pink Lightning.

We moved just after Christmas (literally) and there really was no time to open it and teach her to sew.

But in January we got our chance. In our own sewing room, no less!

She was quite a natural. We watched a couple videos on YouTube about sewing safety and learned all the parts of the machine.

She had been given fabric from Momo (my dear grandmother) for a gift on Christmas Day and knew she wanted to make a pillow from one of the patterns. The joy she had at her success was infectious and soon the boys wanted pillows made by Lily, too. We took a special trip for “boy fabric” a few days later and now everyone has a special Lily creation on their bed. I’m so proud of my seamstress in training!





I do want to add that we love this little Janome machine! I read so many mixed reviews. It is sturdy, does not bounce around for a tiny machine, and is the perfect size for kids or for travel. My favorite thing is that it does not sew very fast- I had read on several blogs to put a sponge under the pedal of a machine in order to make it sew slower even if the pedal was pushed down hard. Since she is learning I thought that sounded brilliant. With this little Janome we did not need the sponge- it’s literally the perfect machine for my little Lily Lamb. We have enjoyed sewing together several times and I can envision many more projects to come!


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