Lily Turns Six

My beautiful little baby girl has turned six years old. 

Can it really be that it’s been so long since she was born? I feel as though in some way she’s always been with me. She’s no version of me, although we look so much alike; she her own lovely person and I just can’t imagine life without her. 

She’s mine and so while you may be inclined to assume my opinions about her are biased, the truth is, Lily is a great kid. She is kind, giving, thoughtful. She is a good friend to her friends and a patient (most of the time) sister to her brothers. She laughs easily and loves deeply. She listens well, she notices life….Lily is a beautiful soul. 

She also loves Netflix…and journals…and stuffed animals…and pretty pens…and the color pink…and quiet hours…and playing outside…and popsicles and popcorn…and ballet. And The Muppets. 

The Muppet movies are hands-down her favorite movies and so it was no surprise that was her party choice this year. She also had her FIRST SLUMBER PARTY with three of her sweet friends. (I’m still shocked at how well that went!)

So here’s a look into Lily Turns Six!

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