Y’all, I’m a terrible, awful blogger

Besides the few of you who subscribe for nosiness, I doubt I have any subscribers left.  That’s what happens to a blog when you don’t write for over a year.

Y’all I’m a terrible, awful blogger.
Thankfully, I’ve been asked to write as a guest on a friend’s blog ever so often which takes all the pressure off and gives me the chance to be a part of something awesome! (FYI: https://longdaysshortyears.blog/2018/06/24/who-do-you-say-you-are/)

Anyway, since the last post waaaay too long ago, so much has happened. In fact, The Ritters Six grew to Ritter Party of 8 in 2017. Seriously this last year has been the greatest year! I left you as we began classes to foster once more, terrified and clinging to vestiges of grief and the past. Two days after our approval to foster was complete, we got a call for twin babies in the NICU about two hours from where we live.

Through several weeks and months, we bonded with the babies who were unable to leave the hospital right away. They’d had a very, very rough start to life and were still withdrawling with the help of medications, and dealing with some side effects of exposure as well.  Baby sister was much healthier than baby brother and came home last June. After what seemed like forever, her brother followed her home in July.

I won’t go into the details of their biological family because I care very much for them and want to respect their stories.  I can reduce it to say the judge accepted surrenders of their parental rights in September.

Just a couple weeks before Christmas, our littlest ones were adopted.  (And you know we partied it up: at the local carousel no less!)

To be honest, when I reduce the story to a few sentences like this I’m still amazed.  Our oldest son’s stay in foster care was long and hard and rough for all, whereas the twins’ couldn’t have been easier or shorter or calmer. All parties involved were kind and respectful to each other and I’m proud to say we’ve found a way to remain friends though it all.  We have been so incredibly blessed with these souls to love, all six of them!

So 2017 into 2018 has brought more love, more kids, closer friendships, new ways to advocate, two adoptions, different hours, new positions, great adventures, and more. I’ll try to catch you up…..

Photo credit: Megan Spence of Donovan Gray Photography & Esther Peters of Esther P Photography, both of Northeast Tennessee

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  1. kehwie says:

    I don’t think I fall into the nosy category, but I’m still subscribed and will read whatever you post whenever you post it! 🙂 ❤

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