how can you not care?

I’m afraid it’s not even that we are forgetting what came before us. I’m afraid it is that we do not even care.

Will my generation wake up in time? Will they learn history and truth and the ways both have tossed this people all here and to? I’m afraid they’ll never even care.

Before we had cars and computer in our back pockets. And before we had access to mindlessness as easy as a swallow.

People wrote on papers and letters. They toiled and with great pains suffered to create nations, to form structures, to get through dictatorship and great injustices.

What is happening now in our country is a horrendous representation of who we are. Is this really who we want to be?

We outnumber the baby boomers. Wake up, friends. Wake up, sisters and brothers. Wake up to the truths. Exercise your rights and powers.

Because how can you not care?

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