Vaca! (Still trying to catch up the blog😝)

It’s been way too long since we Ritter’s have seen an ocean. But this year, we made it to the coast!

The hours of boogy boarding and sand eating (oh, Maggie!) we spent were well worth the drive all the way to Florida. If you know me at all, you know I’m a terrible traveler: I hate long car rides. Thankfully our return on driving investment was perfect weather, beautiful days and an entire week of amazing memories.

Our best day was one in a lagoon, where we swam with manatees and saw dolphins naturally while playing. It was incredible and not something the oldest four will ever forget.

All these images and short message to tell you this: we spent years and years and years not vacationing because it’s expensive and our little shovel we have been using for what feels like forever on the road to being debt free never had enough to hold for both debt freedom and vacations. My personal feelings on this are that while we are still on that road fighting debt, we also need to live. Our kids are only kids once and taking money out of other budgets or accounts to drive a long long way and stay with family (who fed us and loved on us so well) and see the ocean and have these experiences was completely worth every single dollar. I’m not saying go completely crazy and irresponsible. But there’s some more balance and grace in this than we’ve let ourselves have in the past. Live and enjoy life during their childhood!!

We are thankful for the chance to do this and hopeful for that next big adventure.

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