12 Ways You Can Get Involved In Foster Care/Adoption

I wrote this in 2014. Today as the director of Smile Foster Care Closet and four times adoptive mother, it’s just as relevant and real today.


I care so much about adoption, foster care, and child abuse/neglect. If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you already aware of this. This week I posted another story about another child being abused by another adult in their life and I realized that I’m only giving everyone half the story.  Because you are the other half. It has been my experience time and time again that most people want a way to help. They see a need and don’t know what to do to meet it. So, let’s get practical.

The fact is, time and money are of great value in life. If you care about something you will give in these ways naturally. My proposal here is to decide you care about foster care and adoption. Decide it matters to you. And then DO SOMETHING about it.   There are reports of child abuse and neglect…

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