Sharing Your Story

Sharing our stories is scary. Allowing someone into your mind, your feelings, knowing others look to condemn those, is frightening.

People in the story don’t like when we release the truth. They’ll say we are gossips, we are playing the victim, we are villains, we are immature, we like drama, we need attention.

But sharing your story isn’t wrong, it isn’t gossip, it isn’t drama, it isn’t for those characters you write of.

Writing your story is for YOU.

And for the use of those who have stories like yours.

I could not have gone no contact or seen many truths of my story without a friend who had an abuser like mine. She could see and name what I could not yet- and her wisdom and listening ear and experience was invaluable in that season of my life. I would not be where I am now without therapists to share experiences to, the books, and blogs I devoured (and some I read repeatedly) that taught me that not only am I not alone on this journey but that it isn’t my fault I am the scapegoat, the unloved daughter.

Journeys of recovery and sharing defining stories change lives and these stories must be told. Don’t be silenced by abusers. Don’t be silenced by those who don’t want to face consequences of their actions and cannot accept fault.

Tell your story and be free.

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