When There Is Lying

So what happens when
A person lies about small things that don’t matter.
And a person lies about so many small things you stop believing anything they say?

What happens when you don’t know if ever they are honest? With you? With themselves?

When there is lying, there is a complete breakdown. It’s further than that word “trust” we use so simply. It’s deeper than “suspicion.”
There becomes a whole wariness of their every word, misgiving about who they even are, not only to you but to everyone. The uncertainty that follows is exhausting. It is truly soul-shattering to watch the pattern repeat more times than are measurable.
Weary and angry….spent….I have stopped expecting honesty, hope or plans for change.

When there is lying, you’re wrecking yourself and anyone around you who relies on you for any type of connection. When there is lying, you destroy your family and your friends and your life.

So here is your plan: stop lying.

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