long time comin’

There is only so much to share about things like this. Only so much is appropriate and there is no need to break people down or share details of things that are only meant for the inner most circle.
But there are some things to share and that’s okay, too.

I am getting a divorce.
If you’re expecting tears and heartbreak, you’re in the wrong place. Because it’s been a long time comin’. And because it’s the right call. Because I know I’ve done everything I can do before making this decision. Because I know I am not quitting or making a rash decision.
These last couple years I have given it my all in multiple ways. For the kids, for the vows, for the sake of promises, for the efforts of love promised, if not the reality of it.
But, like things sometimes go, it’s come to an end. The end of the dramatic efforts. The end of the pain. The end of the fighting. The end of the silence. The end of the attempts. The end of the promises.

And this is good.
This is right.
This is the future and it is bright.

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