family pictures 2019

It is no secret I have a slight obsession with family pictures.
I have made efforts to have some pictures taken of my crew, both together and individually, yearly or biyearly since the beginning of being a mom more than 13 years ago.
I won’t tell you this time wasn’t different. It was very different.
It felt odd to tell the kids we were having family pictures without their dad, just like it feels weird to have a different last name than they have, even though I know it’s the right call in more ways than one.
And, just like the name change, it also feels freeing and wonderful to have these pictures. To see what my crew looks like, me as their mom, them as my babies; forever and ever, no matter what changes around us.

I can’t thank Desra Ramey Photography enough for these breathtaking images.

I’ve long since wanted pictures of just the kids and I, for many years I have wanted this. But these, are more than I could have ever imagined them to be.

This is MY family:

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