and then noah went to middle school

Soooo…..ya’ll know I’m a weird homeschooler, right? I’ve been homeschooling my kids since 2013, making this our 7th year we started a year of education at home in September.
This year has looked different though, for several reasons. We tried online school this year. (And by that I don’t mean the K-12 stuff cause I know ya’ll will start emailing me about how awful that is. It is still a parent-led approach and not timed. We are still doing a lot of reading and some Charlotte Mason methods.)
And for some reason, it’s not working out really great. It would seem that motivation has been a challenge this year. Especially for one of my students, my beloved Noah.

Noah is in 6th grade this year and to be honest, he is and always has been smarter than me. After this last month of fussing and challenging each other, I decided to allow him to do what he has wanted to do for a year or so and attend public school.

Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are.

And doubly shocking: it’s going great so far. For everyone…..even this weird homeschool mom.

I love the school where he is attending and they have been super cool about homeschool so far. He’s loving the classroom switch ups and resource classes, loving the hectic hallways, loving the lunch with new friends, and he is doing well in work so far. How he will test is anyone’s guess but we will take each day as it comes. I am so proud of him for being bold, for making this big step and excelling as he does.

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