I now pronounce you Divorced AF


People are so funny about it. And I don’t mean funny-ha-ha.
But they want to tell you what they saw and how it might not be what was true or was even worse, but for the love, let them tell you what they could see from the outside.
Some people say but you looked happy on facebook.
Some people say I can’t believe you made it this long.
Shockingly, some people say, thank God I can finally tell you this story/experience/thing I knew/saw/heard.
Some, from your old marriage therapy group, say I can’t believe you made it past the class (haha, me either).
Many say but why the twins as though wanting kids and having a good marriage go hand in hand…ya’ll do realize this isn’t the case, right? I mean, do you watch tv at all?
Some people say good for you.

But everyone has an image of your life in their head and your divorce may wreck it, answer it or confirm it.
Its interesting how we humans do this, want to relate, more, want to understand.
Can we understand each other’s minds and hearts?
I believe it’s rare, to be really understood. And I think mostly, most people just want to have an opinion and heaven help them if the truth doesn’t match up.

What you find, though, in a divorce, is who believes you and who doesn’t. Who would rather hold onto their facebook-painted picture of your marriage than hear it’s truth.
And really, that is okay. It is okay when your story comes clean for the world to see and some judge you. It is okay that what you’re left with are those who really care, really love and are real with you.

But ultimately, none of that matters. What matters is the truth. What matters is you. What matters is your kids. What matter is life. And finding that which is life-giving and carrying on.

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