Evelyn & Adam & all the abused kids in this country

I know I am obsessing over little Evelyn Boswell.
And I’m sorry for my distraction.

But you see, I am a mother to a child like Evelyn who was rescued just before he could be killed by his parents. I have had the honor of raising a child I have no doubt would not have lived to 2 years old.

And I had the privilege of mothering his half sibling for over a year who suffered malnutrition, beatings and broken bones. A child just a few months older than Evelyn who came to me with a spiral fracture in his arm and bruises in the shape of hand prints on his body. Whose case would go to trial years later. Whose little body was scared of hugs for months. Who had the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen before or since. Who had never been to an outside playground and couldn’t speak. I was 22 years old and a new parent and foster mom, and I was his “Mimi” and I adored him.

Every day in America, five children a day die from child abuse and neglect. Many, many more suffer and survive. For someone to take them away from that, reports must be made and homes must be available. If your heart is broken by Evelyn’s story, if your heart beats fast when you see Zachary’s face or watch Gabriel’s documentary on Facebook, go talk to a foster parent, think about adopting, at the very least, donate money to Smile Foster Closet or feed a family who is caring for orphans or foster kids.

Yes, yall, it is hard. Yes, you may suffer a loss. Yes, you are responsible to report when you suspect something isn’t right. Yes, its painful.
Their recovery from abuse is life-long.
Find them. Know them. Take care of them. Love them. Every one of them is worth it.

Adam, on the left in this picture is now 14, he is my oldest son. He is one of the most giving, sweet-hearted, gentle-spirited people I’ve ever known.

Zachary his half-brother resides with some of his mothers family and we haven’t heard from them in many years.

I am the luckiest mom I know. Four of my six children are adopted and I am so lucky to have multiple adoption stories in my family, tons of adoptive families as friends, many many foster parent friends as well and I love to share experiences as many of us do. If you are curious or your heart is sparked, find an adoptive mom and let us tell you all about our kids. You dont know what you’re missing- and there are thousands of children like Evelyn Boswell who need you to care. Do it.

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