budget, baby

My spouse and I wrote a budget last week.
As in, we actually set down and wrote out a budget. Together.

And some of ya’ll are like “so what?” but this is something I’ve longed for for many years.

Through all of the hard times, lean years, wealthy seasons, times of surgeries and illnesses, giving birth, broken times and job losses, depression, I’ve always been forced to manage the money alone. I begged for help, advice, input, joint decision-making, attended classes on how to budget and care for my family without a partner and more. And it wore me the heck down. I carried a weight I was never meant to carry alone and never wanted to be responsible for.

But my husband of 36 days took my computer a few days ago and created a spreadsheet (which isn’t something I can do). And we sat on our couch in our bedroom and snacked while we entered every line item we needed to add. And we talked about categories and goals and limits and plans. And he entered the numbers I hate into the lines and voila!

36 days ago 😉

Now we have a working budget and that is important and freeing. One we both can and will follow, utilizing both our incomes for the betterment of our family life.

What is more, we have a partnership. We are, neither one of us, carrying all the weight of the future or the past. We are, neither one, making decisions without the other’s thoughts and inputs and feelings. We are, neither one, alone. Ever again.

And that, my friends, is what marriage is meant to be. Taking care of each other. Being a team. Feeling and listening. Meeting each other on a level where no one else resides. I am so thankful for this life. I have prayed many years for this verse to become true in my life. I never expected it to happen the ways it has but I’m full of gratitude and love and joy.

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